Oyoyogroup Ltd will at all times strive to maximize the level of Nigerian content in its business operations. For this reason Oyoyogroup Ltd will continue to enforce a strategy of employing local labour and emerging contractors whenever possible. The primary objective on all Oyoyogroup contracts, with respect to Nigerian content, is to maximize the spending on local labour and materials without placing any additional risk on successfully achieving the contractual requirements. Development of local labour and transfer of skill Oyoyogroup LTD has recognized the need for the development / training of local labour, supervision and management that will in the long term allow Oyoyogroup LTD to reduce its exposure to expatriate supervision and simultaneously increase the Nigerian content in its works. Oyoyogroup LTD has initiated a management training scheme whereby competent local employees are identified and assigned to the discipline managers for understudies. When performing work in remote locations the availability of skilled labour is possibly further reduced.

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