About Us

Oyoyogroup is a No1 Nigerian Engineering Company largely inloved in rendering top quality services in the maintenance, testing and installation of units, such as: valves, pipeline, pig traps, instruments, pressure vessels, level gauges and other similar high pressure systems obtainable in the oil & and, mining, food processing and water treatment industries.We Continually looking out for more efficient and safer ways to solve, instrumentation & high pressure technology

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to meet the need of our clients through the delivering of quality services, No matter how large or small a project , whether it is for a day, or a year, we approach each job with the same high level of expertise and competence and commitment.

Our Engineering Approach

We understand that our success is dependent on the success of our clients.

Our Vision

To provide a consistent quality service and sound safety practice in other to ensure clients satisfaction.

Our Clients